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The Differences Between Sweden And Florida

If you’re planning on purchasing a winter holiday home in Florida, you’ve probably contemplated what life will be like in the Sunshine State. This is for good reason, too, because it’s important to be aware of just how different Florida and Sweden really are. From the food to the wildlife, there’s an array of differences that you need to make sure you consider before hopping on that plane and putting down a deposit on a property.

The Weather

One of the major differences, which should generally be at the forefront of your mind, is simply the weather and the climate that each location offers. While Sweden has a rather mild climate with temperatures that plummet during the winter, Florida maintains warm, balmy weather all-year round. This is one of the reasons why it makes the perfect location for a winter retreat because you can expect sunny, breezy days even during the colder months.

The Wildlife

Florida is known for its wildlife, considering that it’s home to a variety of dangerous, but exciting animals. While you’ll expect to see brown bears and wolves in Sweden, you’re more than likely to cross the path of a local alligator during your trip to Florida. The amount of stories that you’ll hear about alligators being found in pools is abundant, so you should be prepared to stumble across a few.

The Cost Of The Lifestyle

Before you move to Florida for the winter, it’s important to understand that the general lifestyle and price of living in Florida is much more expensive than that of living in Sweden. This is majorly due to the amount of traffic that the Sunshine State gets, and the costs are still increasing. Rent prices in Miami alone are almost double that of in Stockholm.

No matter where you live in Florida, it’s expected that the general lifestyle is going to be majorly different to that of Sweden, and you should be prepared to experience a lot of changes. Whether it’s the people, the fried food, or the animals, something’s bound to throw you for a loop at first.