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A Swedish Expat Guide To Purchasing A Property In Florida

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Making the choice to leave Sweden behind and become an expat living in Florida is a tough, lengthy decision and it’s one that isn’t made easily. Purchasing a property in Florida is difficult work – especially if you’re an expat who’s somewhat new to the area.

Don’t panic though – you’re not alone, and, by choosing to purchase a property in Florida, you’re making one of the best decisions in your current life. You’re soon going to have a place of respite and relaxation in the Sunshine State of America – the ideal location for you to escape to when the winter months get a bit too much. We’re here to help you with a small guide on what you should focus on when purchasing a property in Florida as a Swedish expat.

Visa Requirements

Generally, it’s a good idea to just make sure that you have a general amount of knowledge regarding the visa and residency requirements for living in the US as a Swedish expat. As you’re not going to be staying for a permanent amount of time, you don’t really need to worry about getting a green card, but without a visa you can only stay for a maximum of 90 days.

Find An Independent Agent

The property market in Florida is extensive and it’s full of agencies who have been trained to try and sell you any property for the most as possible. By getting an independent agent who understands the needs of an international buyer, you’re going to be working with somebody who knows what you’re looking for and who you’ll be able to trust. Buying directly from a developer doesn’t protect your rights or help in finding what you’re looking for, so avoid making that mistake and find an agent you can really rely on.

Don’t Compare Prices

Many expats will go searching for a property in Florida while still comparing the price to that of a property in Sweden. This doesn’t let you get a good idea of whether the property is good value for money or whether it’s what you’re looking for in the context of the Florida market – which is ultimately what you’re going to be dealing with once you move. By constantly comparing US prices to European prices, you’re setting yourself up to fall into a scam or end up with a property that you really don’t actually want.

Location & Property Research

Florida is a big place and there are many different areas to choose from, so it’s important that you do your research beforehand to get a good idea of the location that you would be living in and whether it’s right for you. Likewise, there are different types of properties in different regions, so you want to pinpoint what type of house it is that you’re looking for and what type of area you’d like to live in, and then go from there.

Moving across the globe and buying a new property are big life decisions but this guide will help you get a head start.